Many of us were simply disgusted with the judge who recently sentenced a child rapist to 60 days in jail so that he could go into “rehabilitation” on time, saying he (the judge) no longer believed in punishment. But, if we were thinking clearly about how our society is disintegrating and “slouching toward Sodom,” as it has been put, we would not be surprised. Punishment is only for humans created in the image of God. Punishment is only relevant when man bears the image of God and is something more than a dog or a tree. Once that foundational belief is lost, as it has been in Western society, law, justice, and an ordered society, becomes irrelevant.
Want a glowing example? A.D. (hat tip) sent me this URL this morning. It’s Richard Dawkins, one of the leading proponents of evolutionary theory, discussing the same issue. If his words send a chill up your spine, they should. This is the black hole of meaninglessness and anti-theism that inevitably flows from his worldview. Thankfully, few people have the stick-to-itiveness that Dawkins has: the amount of energy he must expend daily to suppress the knowledge of God burned into his very being must be prodigious!

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