No, I did not expect it in my lifetime, at least, not until the last few years anyway, when the accelerator was slammed into the floorboard of the immoral revolution, and the truly rotted-out nature of the moral fabric of our culture became very, very clear. There was a day when the nation as a whole would have drawn back in revulsion at the very thought of the “first gentleman” in this context. It was unthinkable. But the revolutionaries were very wise. Constant, slow at first exposure made it more and more thinkable, less and less shocking. And eventually you get to the point where it is revealed that there was no solid foundation, outside of traditional prejudice, underneath the revulsion: no biblical worldview, no honoring of marriage, no honoring of the terms “husband” or “wife,” “father” or “mother.” Cultural momentum from a bygone day, now long deflected into the service of the revolutionaries. Not only did we not see it coming, but we are only now coming to realize what brought it all to pass.

Allow me to state plainly: neither of these men are worthy of the title “husband” in relationship to the other. I will not dishonor the word to use it in such a fashion. The totalitarians will punish me for that. God will punish them for their rebellion.

But before they could get away with this abomination of the word “husband,” heterosexuals had to gut it of its honor and status through serial abuse of its meaning—what it meant as far as commitment and sacrifice is concerned. That much started a long time ago indeed.


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