As announced, we did a special “extra” DL this week, a Radio Free Geneva discussing the aforementioned statement defining “the” traditional Southern Baptist view of the gospel. In other words, we reviewed the very poorly written, confusing, straw-man filled document produced by a group of traditional synergists in the SBC. If you think I am being just a bit harsh, please remember something: these men include some whose credibility is more than suspect (Emir Caner), and who have been corrected on their misapprehensions more than once, but refuse to abandon their errors even when incapable of providing a defense (David Allen), as well as others who just simply should know better. We are facing some mighty big challenges in our culture, and yet we have these folks running around lighting up theological straw men, all hoping their audience remains in the dark as to the real issues? Forgive me for being just a little bit less than patient and snuggly. The matter is vitally important—God’s truth always is—and this cavalier, shallow, self-contradictory and simply unbiblical document (did you know there is no difference between the effectual call and the universal call of the gospel? Yeah, try to fit that into Romans 8:29-30!) is in no way a positive contribution to the debate. So, we put in about 90 minutes to go through and provide a response. In the process, Rich and I sang a duet (seriously), and I managed to insult all the ladies in the audience by making the factual observation that men are genetically designed to make cool noises (like machine gun fire, jet airplanes, motorcycles, that kind of thing) and ladies are not. You’ll have to listen to figure that part out.

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