As Western culture closes down upon the freedoms of believers to speak in the public square we will need wisdom from above like never before.  I cannot help but to think upon James’ words  (3:17) frequently.  Please forgive the paraphrase—there is nothing wrong with paraphrases as long as you are not pretending they are actual translations!  “Divine or heavenly wisdom is first and foremost pure, unmixed, unadulterated. Then it is peaceable, gentle, willing to listen, full of mercy and without any hypocrisy.”  With those words in mind, what shall we do now that Google and Facebook and Twitter and Amazon are picking us off, one by one, for not saying Caesar is Lord?  Well, one avenue that at least could temporarily allow us to continue to speak without immediate banishment is to post links rather than posting the important material directly on the leftist platforms. So, though it adds extra steps and time, I’m thinking linking to the blog here is a wise move.  Keep the titles innocuous but direct people to our own platform—our own only in the sense that it will take a bit longer before Amazon or Google refuses to allow us access anyway. So if we want to state “true marriage is between one man and one woman” we can say that here, but link with a title like “Thoughts on marriage.”  If we want to say “abortion is the murder of a unique human being,” we can say that here, and title it “On humanity,” etc.  I know not everyone has their own venue as I do for doing this, but—it’s the day we live in!


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