A few years ago, I applied at a Christian high school that promotes “Classical Christian Education.” I applied to the job because I wanted to encourage them to change their curriculum to teach their Christian youth Koine Greek, the Greek the New Testament writers used. The school insisted that I teach classical Greek or Latin, and was not interested in my recommendations or philosophy of Christian education.

But my Christian compunction does not sit well with Christian youth spending their formative years learning to read Plato instead of Paul in the original Greek language. What is the point of having our Christian youth “well cultured” if they are biblically illiterate? What better way to induce biblical literacy into our Christian youth than having them learn Koine Greek and be able to read the New Testament in its original language? In addition, this would lay a solid foundation for a life-long practice of interpreting the Bible.

I am not against classical education. I learned Latin in college and received a B.A. in philosophy. But I think the Lord’s money and the time he has given us is better spent first on having our Christian youth learn to read in the original language the literature of the Septuagint, Gospels, Paul, General Epistles, Josephus, and the Early Church Fathers (and Philo if they are having sleeping disorders).

Perhaps we need more biblical education in our Christian high schools and less classical—fewer pagan authors and more inspired authors.

Food for thought…



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