Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is offering A Summer Course on The Epistle of Paul to Titus with Dr. George Knight, III. Who is George Knight?

Dr. Knight is adjunct professor of New Testament at Greenville Seminary. He is an ordained minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, serving as teaching elder at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, North Carolina. He has taught at Covenant Seminary for 19 years and served as the founding administrator and dean of Knox Seminary.

Dr. Knight, III has authored (among others):

Pastoral Epistles in the NIGTC series. Role Relationship of Men & Women: New Testament Teaching And he has also contributed to the latest edition to the Calvin 500 Series Tributes to John Calvin: A Celebration of His Quincentenary.

This class has as its purpose to explain the meaning and authenticate the authorship of the Letter to Titus. Dr. Knight will do this through translation and exegesis of the Greek text, revealing the self-testimony of the letter and evaluating the validity of alternatives.

The class is about to be cancelled to a lack of participation. It is only $40 to audit this course only $340 for credit. To register either call the Registrar 864.322.2717 or Email.

It is my understanding that you can take this course live online, but you’d want to check with the registrar.

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