It is fairly clear “Mr. Holding” (not his real name) has a lot of time on his hands. Long, rambling, insult-filled responses have already been posted on his site. Feel free, if you wish to abuse your sensibilities, to peruse them. I could only sit and read with a bemused awe as this man, a librarian (M.L.S.) seeks to impress his followers by stringing together source after source without showing the slightest understanding of what those sources are actually saying, or even more to the point, how they are in contradiction with each other. He pretends to seriously interact with scholarly material when he can’t even read the texts under discussion therein. But, to be sure, we know who the “winner” is, at least for “Mr. Holding.” He has offered the final word:

So also ends White’s claim that there is no “meaningful connection to Romans 9 other than purely wishful thinking,” for the connection is clear in the general nature of the language used by the Hebrews, and the specific examples of the idiom cited, not only in Jer. 7:22, but also in the other passages cited by Whitney. White stands convicted of scholastic incompetence, and his position stands not only refuted, but buried and dead.

Well, there you go. If you feel just a little bit worried about the conclusions drawn about ‘the general nature of the language used by the Hebrews’ as determined by a librarian, again, just relax and go with the flow. And do not feel badly that you still have no idea how an alleged “negation idiom” in Jeremiah 7:22 is connected to Romans 9:16. But let’s just leave “Mr. Holding” alone about it, since it seems it is very, very important to him to think otherwise. 🙂

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