John Beckman, who is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell and a PhD student at Harvard has recently revised and expanded Ronald Williams’ Hebrew grammar into a 3rd edition previously titled, Hebrew Syntax: An Outline. This is the grammar that I used when I studied Hebrew syntax with Douglas Stuart who requires his students to learn all 598 Hebrew syntactical categories during the course of a semester!

   Beckman expanded the definitions of the grammatical terms as well as expanding the Biblical examples (now there are at least two examples for every category). Further,in the footnotes he directs the reader to additional literature of five Hebrew grammars: Joüon, Gesenius, Waltke, Arnold, Merwe et al.

   For the intermediate Hebrew student, (1) this work provides all known Hebrew categories and (2) should serve to help the student be aware of the syntactical possibilities that a single (or combination) of a nominal, verbal, or particle can function as, including the syntax of clauses which is the last section of the book. In short, this grammar is a good place to begin before referencing your more dense Hebrew grammars.

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