[To be sure, I don’t believe that Bell’s fundamental problem is a lack of understanding on how to do competent word studies. It’s a heart issue. Bell is in rebellion against his Creator. He has a man-centered conclusion and he will see too it that his selective biblical data will support what he wants to believe, and what he wants others to believe.]

Greg Gilbert wrote an effective piece showing how Bell is incompetent in his use of Greek word studies, here.

Darrell Bock, as well, has chimed in on Bell’s sophomoric use of Greek and Jesus’ teachings here.

I am convinced that every seminary student should not be allowed to graduate from seminary until they have read the following two books:

Biblical Words and Their Meaning: An Introduction to Lexical Semantics, by Moises Silva, rev. ed.
Exegetical Fallacies, by D.A. Carson 2nd ed [As an aside, here is a corrective on a fallacy within the book].
This one cannot hurt: Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek by David Alan Black

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