Man, I am truly sick of nuttiness. I will keep this very, very brief. 

    1. I had promoted DR for years, even when I started to hear complaints about their service, and thought, until late May of this year, that we were “on the same page.” 
    2. Even when RS responded to me in a completely improper way, I did not speak of it publicly (May/June). 
    3. RS first decided to go public in his defense of NPism and attacks on me. I simply refuted his assertions (without colorful metaphors). He apologized, I thought it was over.
    4. 9/14 RS e-mailed me, quoting Owen and getting personal. I ignored it. 
    5. Last Friday someone quoted the section in the review of The God Who Justifies alleging it does not contain exegesis but “theologizing.” I rebutted this on the blog. 
    6. E-mails exchanged, including accusation that I am to blame for the demise of DR while I am speaking in Oklahoma. “Julie” from the DR fires off nasty note attacking myself, Phil Johnson, and Steve Camp. 
    7. I do the DL and respond to both RS and Julie. 
    8. Follow up e-mails blame me for all ills at DR

Obviously, this is a no-win situation. There’s the chronology, I leave it to the Lord to judge. I’m moving on.

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