Well, let me tell you, Rich is one happy camper. He got the bright idea today, really only a few hours before we started, to use Zoom to allow folks to call in to the program today. And…it worked. So I started off with about 20 minutes or so in response to a King James Only advocate giving a completely fictitious history of the TR and the KJV, and then we dove into the calls, both from landlines as well as Zoom. And man did we cover the topics! Colossians 2 and baptism related to the Church of Christ; Synoptic Christology; why Chris Hohnholz is a secret Elf fan; tips for doing street evangelism with tracts; importance of church history; the Eastern Orthodox doctrine of theosis; responding to common KJV Only claims, and finally a call on dispensationalism and the kingship of Jesus. Wow! Well, given how pleased Rich is, I can tell we will be doing that again, and Rich thinks we could actually pull it off in the big studio, which might allow me to put stuff up on the board in providing answers. We will see! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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