Just a quick note to thank everyone who made tonight such a wonderful success. A group of “channel rats” pitched in to do a lot of work in getting the debate video taped, including ENielsen, Dale, Algo, and brigand. We also had DaveHewitt and Celticman and wonky in attendance, too (and SN was there….in command of it all). Thanks to all who helped! I even got to meet one of the folks who has helped encourage me so much by supporting us through the Ministry Resource list.
   I am working on importing video and the like, so I should have at least one section posted to YouTube tomorrow morning. It is processing too slowly to get anything up tonight.
   Basically, once again, I did all the homework, my opponent had not, as far as I could tell, even Googled my name. He went through the exact same notes he had used in the Kyle Butts debate, including the exact same alleged contradictions, in the exact same order. Yes, the very items I had covered, in depth, on the DL over the past few weeks. There was not a single surprise from Dan Barker. Everything was exactly as I had expected it to be. Which means my opening presentation was zeroed in exactly where it needed to be, and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. I have the video recording with me (the one from our professional camera), so we should have audio and video fairly quickly.
   Again, thanks to everyone who made this a great evening!

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