Started off commenting on a number of issues, such as the anti-Christian discrimination of the Mayor of Atlanta.  Discussed the radical Muslim murders in Paris, seeking once again to ask my serious Muslim friends to consider what it is about their faith that allows such things (it’s a spiritual issue—can Islam address it?), and I briefly responded to Jason Stellman as well.  Then I undertook to address a really tough issue, that being the problem of the Hebrew Massoretic text and the death of Goliath.  Get a deep seat in the saddle for this discussion, as I play a clip from a newly posted Sam Gipp video as the background.  Then, right as TurretinFan was going to join me to begin a discussion of Devin Rose’s book, The Protestant’s Dilemma, Rich interrupted me to let me know that Moody Radio had called.  I had been scheduled to debate Devin Rose Saturday morning at 8am CST on the program Up for Debate on the topic, “Can a Roman Catholic be evangelical?”  But Mr. Rose, despite his bravado (see below) in claiming his book “destroys” mine, pulled a “Brave Sir Robin” and informed them that he would not come on the program if I was the one with whom he would be debating.  So they chose to go with a Moody professor. Well, TurretinFan and I still did our review of the first portion of Rose’s book, and will continue to do so in future editions of the Dividing Line.  We just won’t expect any responses from Mr. Rose, who evidently is already aware he is wholly incapable of defending his published work.

Here is the YouTube link:

Devin Rose’s triumphalistic video, which now rings very, very hollow in light of his flight from an opportunity to press his case in a debate hosted on a national radio network:


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