Sometimes I just sit here at my desk staring at my screen when Rich forwards some of the e-mails we get. The Internet creates “thugs,” bullies with a lot of hot air but zero substance who thrive on acting out their childhood playground fantasies from behind a keyboard. Almost every group has them, sadly. I’ve run into KJV Only types like this, Muslims (Nadir Ahmed is a good example, and his followers), Mormons, you name it. And here’s some kind of Oneness type guy who just wrote to me. I normally would not even finish reading a childish taunt like this, but some folks in the church today think Oneness denials of the Trinity really do not matter and we should all just “get along.” So here is Terry’s taunt, and my brief response below.

Hello Dr. White, My name is Terry and I think you are taking alot of lost souls to hell with you. This trinity doctrine you preach is from the devil himself. If you want to debate doctrine then you can find me on the trinity board since no trinitarian will debate on my board unless you are not scared then I will be glad to host the debate. My board address is or we can have it at which my friend Bob Caplinger runs. I do believe that the debate you had with Bernard was unfair because noone would let him speak when he wanted to. And he still beat you hands down. I would love to see you debate Hicks or Bayer or even Hanby and Blume.Anyways my friend Bob Caplinger is dieing to debate you. He will hand you your lunch befor it got started. Well are you going to take the challenge or run with your tail between your legs like all the other Trinitarians do on the internet. Matt Slick has already been defeatedby Bob Caplinger and I. I think Cohen Rehckart has defeated him also, your next. Step up or get out.

   Well, Terry, your kind note has provided me with a chance to illustrate the kind of tactics false teachers such as yourself utilize on the Internet. Let me likewise clear up your obvious confusion.
   I have challenged Dr. Bernard to debate. I have offered to come to his school and debate before his students. He has consistently declined my challenge. Aside from a few radio programs, which were not debates, we have not debated at all, so what you are talking about I cannot begin to tell.
   Secondly, your words communicate such a massive spirit of arrogance and hostility it is obvious to me you are not interested in a debate. You want a food fight, a screaming match wherein you are only interested in one thing: consolidating your small following of folks who will cheer you on no matter what you say, or how badly you are refuted on a biblical, historical, or logical basis. Now, if that is why you engage in polemics, I gladly leave you to it. That is not why I debate. I debate for the glory of God, the edification of God’s people, and the salvation of the elect God draws unto himself. I am irrelevant, which is why I find your taunts and bullying pathetic. The only folks who are impacted by such playground tactics are folks who, like you, have the wrong reason for engaging in polemics anyway.
   By the way, “get out”? Get out of where? Your taunt does not even make sense.
   Further, sir, anyone with a modicum of respect for the subject of how God has revealed Himself in Scripture, and how He desires to be worshipped, will never enter into such a discussion with someone who begins with the kind of attitude you have displayed. I do not fear you, I fear God, and I will not drag his truth through the mud so that you can stroke your ego. Consider well your ways, sir.

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