According to The Independent, a British news paper, Simon and Schuster is dumping a quarter million into a marketing promotion for a book by an American woman, 43, named Kathleen McGowan, who claims…are you sitting down?…to be “a direct descendant of the physical union between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ.” Of course, she has received a seven figure sum for the rights to her book as well. She says she offers no proof of her heritage, but claims to have traced her geneaology to an “ancient French lineage that claimed to trace its roots to the pair.” Well, isn’t that special?
   I would like to think this kind of bald-faced absurdity would boomerang on Simon and Schuster and they would lose their shirts on this silliness, but given the level of absurdity inherent in The DaVinci Code to begin with, I have a hard time coming up with that kind of optimism in the human ability to exercise discernment in such areas. One thing is for sure: all that money will not help Kathleen McGowan when she stands before the God she used as a foil for obtaining “filthy lucre.”

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