I hardly know what to say, honestly. Once again a high-profile advocate of simple heresy has demonstrated that when it comes to those who still believe as Jesus did in God’s revelation, they have little to no interest in preparing or interacting with our views. Bishop Spong, like Barry Lynn before him, and Peter Stravinskas as well, came into this debate without even having taken the time to obtain The Same Sex Controversy, let alone, it seems, having read a single item I’ve ever written. While I had his books in hard copy and electronic versions, and had listened to hours and hours of his lectures, he had surely not reciprocated. So, his rebuttals of my position differed not in the slightest from the arguments used by atheists against Scripture. Bishop Spong refused to follow protocol in the debate, constantly going on and on and on while he was supposed to be asking me questions, and taking up to five minutes to get around to asking a single question. But despite these things, one thing was clearly demonstrated: when you do not believe God can speak, you can only reason in circles and attack as unloving and judgmental those who believe God has spoken.
   I’m sure Rich will be getting these DVDs out as soon as possible, since he has full control over the tapes. We are still waiting, I admit a little impatiently now, for the tapes from Long Island for the baptism debate as well. So keep an eye on this blog for the announcement of their availability.
   I have to be up early in the morning, and I do not know when I will again have internet access from at sea, so let me thank everyone who prayed, thank all those who were at the debate and those who made it possible, and esp. Rich Pierce, who will be flying back tomorrow. Once again, it was proven that those who oppose the faith truly have little more than circular arguments to throw out, and when examined closely, their objections evaporate.

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