On the upcoming edition of the Dividing Line, Tuesday, January 10th, at 1pm EST, I will be presenting “John 6 for Roman Catholics.”  This will be a live walk through the 6th chapter of John based upon the original language text.  And while one cannot help but deal with the central issues of the gospel in 6:35-45, we will continue on to make application and demonstrate that Jesus’ words concerning eating His flesh and drinking His blood, contextually, has nothing to do with Aristotelian philosophy and categories of being.  Was Jesus really teaching transubstantiation a thousand years before the term came into usage?  And did the disciples walk away because of that teaching?  Or was it something else, something made plain in the text, if one is but willing to listen?  I have challenged a couple defenders of Rome to do the same thing, to walk through John 6 and present their case.  The comparison and contrast, I would hope, will be helpful.  Join us!


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