Well…here it comes. From Friday the 10th through Friday the 24th I will be engaged in four debates—one in defense of the doctrines of grace, one on the Bodily Assumption of Mary (which I assure you will be a debate on Rome’s claims to ultimate doctrinal authority more than anything else), one on Unitarianism (in partnership with Michael Brown on the Jewish Voice Broadcast, being video recorded right here in Phoenix–at least I don’t have to travel to get there, the studios are within 2.5 miles of my house), and one on Islam on ABN (on the 24th). Very little overlap in topics, hence, maximum amount of study and preparation time required. I would blame whoever makes up my schedule, but that would be me.

These are all great opportunities, and I truly hope the Lord blesses. I would like to ask for your assistance in this effort. Please pray for clarity of mind and discipline of thought for me as I engage these wide variety of topics. Pray for Rich Pierce who gets the unenviable task of producing DVDs, mp4s, and mp3s of all of this. He already has a massive backlog, and has had to invest many hours in rebuilding our video PC which developed some kind of fatal system error. I believe I heard him say last evening as he was leaving that he was almost finished getting Adobe back up and operational. But at the moment, I’m debating faster than he can produce a finished product (six debates in less than a month may be some kind of record, when you include the two debates we just did in New York). Keep in mind as well that we are a small ministry, with only two employees, hence, we do not have the time to be doing “marketing” and the kind of resource development that many others focus so much time and energy on. Hence, one of the most encouraging things for me is to know that we are financially stable and able to continue to pursue these opportunities of bold witness and ministry as they arise. Along those lines, the Ministry Resource List remains for me, personally, one of the most encouraging resources we have. Every time I receive a book in the mail I know that means someone is standing with us and is basically saying, “Press forward!” I have placed a few more resources on that list, and once again express my sincerest thanks to those who have in the past aided my research and preparation thereby.

Don’t forget that I will be doing my best to live stream both debates on Friday, 3pm MDT and 7pm MDT (those should be firm times). I was going to say, “Tune in,” and realized just how wonderfully anachronistic that phrase has become!

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