Yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of participating in my first debate. Was this something I wanted to do? Not really, but I was coerced 🙂 by the president of GPTS to do so. The debate was for the spring 2008 logic course. And since I was auditing the class, I wasn’t going to debate a topic I had to put a lot of work into. So, I suggested we debate apologetic methodologies. The resolution: Presuppositional Apologetics is the Most Consistent Biblical Methodology. Well, quickly I was told that I’d have to take the opposite position I actually hold.

I certainly agonized over how I would approach this and finally did came up with something. Well, the debate is over and the audio is up. Click here to listen and decide who won. It only lasts about 1 hour.

This was a team debate. There were four (10 minutes for each speaker) constructive arguments and four (5 minutes a piece) rebuttals. The debate begins at 6:51 into the audio.

So there is no confusing me with the Brazilian speaker 🙂 here are the participant (in order) Kevin Vickery, Breno Macedo, Charles Johnson and myself.

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