I headed out to the Sun Valley Parkway again this morning and got in a 47.2 mile ride. I downloaded a series of John Dominic Crossan’s lectures from the Chautauqua Conference Center in 2001 and listened to them on the drive out, during the ride, and on the way back (no, listening to Dr. Crossan does not help you to ride faster). If you don’t have a number of hours to invest, I have found that the Epilogue contained in Dr. Crossan’s Who Killed Jesus? (Harper Collins, 1995, pp. 211-221) titled “History and Faith” to be a wonderful ten page summary of what you will learn from reading numerous other books and listening to hours of lectures and debates. If you have the book, you might take a look at it. Obviously, Dr. Crossan provides much more significant argumentation in his fuller works, but if you want to see the presuppositions plainly stated, this sort of functions as a “Quick Start” guide to his position.

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