Decided to do a program about 15 hours after getting home from Australia, so I hope I made some sense! Seemed OK to me anyway! Talked about the explosion of egalitarianism in light of the “go home” controversy first, then moved on to developments in the transgender movement’s attempts to destroy any meaningful understanding of sexuality and gender. Eventually got to report on the trip, though I think I spent a solid 15 minutes or so on something that may only be important to me: basic rules for approaching a speaker after he has spoken. Don’t get mad at me, try standing for a few hours in my shoes first! Then we went over the debates and events “down under.” I did not even make mention of some of the wild-eyed attacks launched by folks who simply wish they were doing similar things—those attacks stand as their own refutation.

Next program on Thursday will be a Dividing Line/Apologia Radio Mash Up from ReformCon. Join us…when? I haven’t a clue! Stay tuned!


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