For those interested in presuppositional apologetics, here is a new resource:
Pushing the Antithesis: The Apologetic Methodology of Greg L. Bahnsen. Ed. Gary DeMar (American Vision, 2007).

   Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen believed that to deal with the academics of the day and their arguments against the Christian faith, it is necessary to do battle with them at the highest levels of scholarship using their intellectual tools against them. He could quickly analyze and give direct and compelling answers to all their objections. Prior to his untimely death in 1995, Dr. Bahnsen delivered a series of lectures on apologetics at American Vision’s Life Preparation Conference. These lectures are rare in that they are some of the only video presentations of Dr. Bahnsen’s teachings. The week-long sessions, presented before high school and college students, set forth the basics of the Christian worldview and the biblical approach to defending the faith. These lessons have been distilled and turned into a one-of-a kind handbook on apologetics.

Chapter 1: The Myth of Neutrality
Chapter 2: Destroying Philosphical Fortresses
Chapter 3: Defining Worldviews
Chapter 4: Worldview Features
Chapter 5: Alternative Worldviews
Chapter 6: Worldviews in Collision
Chapter 7: Overcoming Metaphysical Bias
Chapter 8: Approaching the Unbeliever
Chapter 9: The Problem of Moral Absolutes
Chapter 10: The Uniformity of Nature
Chapter 11: The Problem of Universals
Chapter 12: Personal Freedom and Dignity
Answer Key
Glossary of Terms and Phrases

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