We have arranged to be able to webcast the Iron Sharpens Iron program on our regular Dividing Line link tomorrow. So here is how it will work: tomorrow starting around 10:25am or so (1:25pm EDT) we will start streaming the seminar I did on Camping’s attack upon Christ’s church back in 2002 or so. That will take us right up to noon our time, 3pm EDT, when Iron Sharpens Iron begins. Please help us take the burden off of ISI’s servers by listening to the program on the regular Dividing Line link! We will webcast both days of the debate, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then, Lord willing, I will join Chris to take calls from the audience on Thursday. If we have, in fact, worked out the problems we have had in the past with the link to WNYG, then we MIGHT be able to take calls on our regular DL line as well. We will see! Of course, we will be recording the programs and posting them as soon as possible, as we know there will be a great deal of interest in listening to this interaction.

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