I announced a few weeks ago plans to get to London in November for some exciting debates, preaching, and even an opportunity to get to Speaker’s Corner. Since I am in essence inviting myself, rather than responding to an invitation from the kind brothers and sisters in London, I truly want to make sure that they are in no way inconvenienced by the trip. Hence, I want to make sure every bit of my costs are covered. Some have been asking about what costs we have yet to cover, etc. It is hard to say, but here is what we are asking the people of God to help us with: obviously, the flights to and from; I would like to stay where I stayed the first time I went to London so as to not be a burden on my brothers and sisters with whom I have stayed before; I wish to cover all transportation costs, video taping, etc., for the various events. I may need to “hire a car” as well (see, that’s the British way of putting it). Obviously, I could use some food while I’m there, and it would be good to stay in contact, maybe even do another “All British” Dividing Line (Rich wants to set up a special fund to pay me NOT to use a British accent!). There are still resources to be obtained in preparation for the debates, of course.
   Just this morning it struck me that it would be tremendously useful to have some tracts available as well. I have asked my Arabic tutor if he could translate The Christian Message into Arabic, and I would like to have another tract, possibly on Surah 4:157, in both English and Arabic as well. I will have to jump on these projects immediately.
   It would be wonderfully encouraging if some churches, as well as the faithful individuals who so often step up to the plate, would assist us in fully funding this effort. I know of one current church, and one church that has in God’s providence closed its doors, yet, is seeking to dispose of its final possessions, that have expressed interest in helping. I know that I am tremendously excited about this opportunity, and I truly believe the topics I have proposed will add to the body of apologetic material designed to encourage the people of God around the world.
   Please prayerfully consider helping us to make the end of 2008 a banner time for advancing the claims of Christ!

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