Homosexuals are suppressing the truth of God in their lives. It is a difficult thing to wrestle constantly with your conscience, to put out so much effort into convincing yourself that your sin is good, to call light darkness and darkness light. It is toilsome. Because of their state, homosexuals are particularly angered by anyone who would say “homosexuality is unnatural; it is directly opposed to God’s creative order, it is sinful, life-destroying, and God demands you repent from it.” And so, they are willing to lend their considerable financial (and hence politically powerful) support to any politician who will help them to suppress such speech, or to put it bluntly, to give them super-rights. They wish to be able to say, and do, anything at all: but, at the same time, they are willing to see the rights of others, especially their free-speech rights, denied.
   Now that the party that is most in support of homosexuality and its agenda is in (slight) control of the legislative branch of the US government, the laws that are being used to suppress the open and honest preaching of the Christian faith in Europe, Canada, and Australia, are being promoted here. Under the guise of “hate crimes legislation,” HR-1592 is making its way through Congress, the next major step in criminalizing Christianity in the West. Robert Gagnon has the story here.
   Our society’s hatred of God’s law is so deep, so pervasive, that I honestly see this not as something that will bring God’s wrath–we are well beyond that point–but as evidence of God’s wrath. If my generation passes away without facing the very same seizure of our property, denial of free speech rights, and even imprisonment, faced by our brothers and sisters at the hands of Muslims, Hindus, and Communists around the world, surely the next generation will face such hardships. May God grant us strength and insight to use our current freedoms to form for the next generations a solid foundation upon which they can stand against the fierce storm of the world’s hatred.

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