The recent number of visits to Iron Sharpens Iron due to Dr. White’s debate with Harold Camping provides a great opportunity to recommend the show. Reformed Baptist Chris Arnzen has a truly unique show on a wide variety of theological and controversial topics. We’ve been recording the shows for a few years now. All rebroadcast MP3’s are free of charge.

If you benefited from Dr. White’s dialogue with Harold Camping, below is a listing of all Dr. White’s appearances available on MP3.

James White Reviews His Debate with Harold Camping (7/30/2009)

Harold Camping Debates Dr. James White (Part Two) (7/29/2009)

Harold Camping Debates Dr. James White (Part One) (7/28/09)

James White: Review of “The Bible & The Qur’an” A Muslim-Christian Dialogue (6/26/09)

James White: Pre-Islam Debate Comments (6/25/09)

Dr. James R. White & Imam Shamsi Ali: “Muslims & Christians In The 21st Century: Our Need To Understand One Another” (6/17/09)

James White: The Sovereignty of God Conference (6/11/09)

Dr. James R. White: The Mormon View Of The Godhead: Does it fit the biblical text? (5/28/09)

Dr. James R. White: Islam and the Qur’an (5/27/09)

James White: Review of the “Did the Bible Misquote Jesus” Debate (2/2/09)

Dr. James R. White: “Pulpit Crimes: The Criminal Mishandling Of God’s Word” (8/26/08)

Dr. James R. White: “Why Do We Suffer?” (4/30/08)

James White: Islam (Part 3) (3/27/08)

James White: Islam (Part 2) (3/26/08)

James White: Islam (Part 1) (3/25/08)

James White: “A Rebuttal To The Mormon Reply To Fox News” (12/19/07)

James White: “Islam Debate Overview” (11/06/07)

James White: Ten Questions For A Potential Convert To Roman Catholicism Part Two (9/04/07)

Dr. James R. White: Ten Questions For A Potential Convert To Roman Catholicism Part One (9/03/07)

James White & Gerry Matatics: Sedevacantism (8/09/07)

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