Three sections to today’s 2 hour, 20 minute long program:  first, we responded to Jacob Prasch’s reply to last weeks Radio Free Geneva. But unlike Prasch, we played his comments not just once, but twice, carefully analyzing his entire response as a classic example of a complete abandonment of proper forms of argumentation and logic.  Very helpful for those who wish to consider how to analyze argumentation.

The second section included a complete review of a video put out by the Deen Show featuring Joshua Evans titled, “Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Not God.”  Definitely a section you will want to share with your Muslim friends.

That took us to a full two hours.  I added an “appendix,” a 20 minute response to JD Hall’s most recent unhinged Polemics Report.  I played a few clips and made a few comments.

Here is the YouTube link:


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