Here is the last clip I will post from this portion of tape I found. If you listen carefully, you will get a good idea of how dishonest the SSC is. You will also hear Rich and I chatting as well.

   First, it is a lie that I wish to be the “elder” of the Mormons, take Joseph Smith’s place, or have anyone “follow” me. They know this. This is a reflection of my asking the SSC, the first time they showed up, who their elders were, based upon Hebrews 13:17. “Jesus is my elder!” was their response (read Hebrews 13:17 and you’ll see how well that response correlates to Scripture).
   Next, everything they say about the debate we had that evening is, of course, dishonest. I never made any of the claims they were yelling to the passing Mormons. So, they do not mind lying “for the cause,” even when it means Mormons might not attend the debates! These men know they could never engage in debate in that context, but they are willing to mock those who do. A sad commentary.
   As the camera pans across the street, I told Rich about “John the security guard.” We had run into John a number of times over the 18 years we had been going to Salt Lake. I remember one very intense encounter. The anger I felt coming from him was just overwhelming. So, here I am telling Rich that he had just come by, shook my hand (he had refused to do so in the past), and thanked us for the way we do things. The contrast between those who show respect to the LDS by dressing appropriately, studying their own faith and the beliefs of the LDS Church, and seeking meaningful conversation with them, and the behavior of the SSC, is surely not lost on those observing these events.
   By the way, when I speak of “leaving,” I’m referring to heading to lunch. We would time it so that it came after the big rush out of the morning Conference session. I really miss those times.
   Then you hear them lying big time when they claim they are “working with us.” This is one of the main problems in even attempting to work when the SSC is around. No serious representative of the truth wishes to be associated with men so bereft of the truth as the SSC.
   So now, with the advancement of the Internet since these events, we have been able to provide you with first-hand sight and sound of what it is like to be accosted by the SSC. I pray for the day when these men will be disbanded, their support gone, and meaningful witnessing restored to Salt Lake and Mesa. It would be wonderful to see them converted, as well, so that they could come into submission to God’s truth and give evidence of the fruit of the Spirit (and that really important work, self-control). But for the moment, they are very much like the Assyrians being used of God against the Israelites: they are a blight upon the LDS people, a judgment, designed to hard them even more against the truth. And just as God judged the Assyrians for the attitudes of their hearts even while being used as His instrument, so too He will judge the SSC, in His time, in His way.

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