I am scheduled to be on Chris Arnzen’s Radio show, Iron Sharpens Iron (August 6, 3-4 PM) discussing “Luther Myths.” The station, WNYG AM 1440, can be heard in the New York area. The station also live-streams online. Their webpage can be found here. Here is their Real Player broadcast link. To call in on the air, the number is 1-631-321-WNYG (9694).
   The topic will be limited to my recent entries on Luther Myths:

Ten Martin Luther Myths
Five More Luther Myths

   Obviously, the subject of Luther and the Reformation is a vast subject. You are welcome to call in, but please have a Luther-specific question drawn from the material contained in the links above.
“No slander against Luther has ever gone unanswered. As the charges against Luther have become stereotyped, so the rejoinder cannot hope to bring forward any new facts. But it seems necessary that each generation in the Church Militant be put through the old drills, and learn its fruitful lessons of spiritual adversity. Thus even these polemical exchanges between Catholics and Protestants become blessings in disguise. But they do not affect Luther. The sublime figure of the courageous confessor of Christ that has stood towering in the annals of the Christian Church for four hundred years stands unshaken, silent, and grand, despite the froth that is dashed against its base and the lightning from angry clouds that strikes its top.”[W.H.T Dau, Luther Examined and Reexamined (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1917) p.5-6]

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