There is a truth divide in the realm of apologetics. I refer to the attitude one has toward truth, and how consistently one seeks to live in light of one’s own confession of fidelity to truth itself.

The first is found in the continued ramblings of William Albrecht, a Roman Catholic layman “apologist.” It is hard to take William seriously, given his evident lack of serious study of any of the requisite topics one would need to know to provide meaningful commentary on the apologetic landscape. But since men like Steve Ray, another “lay apologist” who is given frequent exposure on Catholic Answers Live, have directed people to Albrecht, he has been given a small stage from which to hurl his invectives toward Geneva. And it is just that: incoherent invective laced with unfounded ipse dixits. I truly wonder if de Sales had this kind of meandering rhetoric in mind? I doubt it.

In any case, James Swan has posted an audio response to Albrecht’s video. Here is the video, here is James’ response. Albrecht talks about “the gospel according to James White,” etc., and dishonestly attacks James Swan as a “cronie” who simply follows my every whim. Of course, James is not a Reformed Baptist, but hey, those little details aren’t important, right? I point this out for one reason: I would like someone to send me links to the Roman Catholic apologists who decry the kind of slash/burn/misrepresent tactics of Albrecht, Ray, etc., and who do so by name. I haven’t looked at Benjamin Douglass’ materials recently—I could hope he would have something, but is there anyone else? If not…why not? Where is the truth loving Roman Catholic apologist–or is that problematic, since to love truth is to love Mother Rome?

But the kind of nastiness you will find flowing from William Albrecht or Steve Ray is, for most of us, to be expected, given their theological paradigms. I have said many times, however, that the most hardened Romanist is no match for a good ol’ King James Onlyist when it comes to venom (and irrationality). I don’t go around looking for this stuff, but folks send me links or mention things in our channel. Today I glanced through Kent Brandenburg’s wild-eyed “response” to my comments on the DL, but then I ran into the comments section, and I will tell you, these folks are scary. Once again, I’m sure there are KJV Only folks who try to take the Bible’s commands seriously, but where are they in rebuking this kind of fanatical behavior? I suppose they are out there…somewhere. I just don’t know where!

The temptation, of course, is to stoop to the level of the William Albrechts and Kent Brandenburgs of the world. But there is no reason to do so. One need only look back through history to see that while there have always been men like this, sniping at the work of God, history often forgets their names. For those who pretend to honor truth on the one hand, and then deny it by their behavior, their words, their actions, on the other, can make no lasting impact.

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