In the New York area, only one radio show dares to address relevant topics important to Christians. Chris Arnzen’s Iron Sharpens Iron is a live daily broadcast featuring a variety of topics, guests and controversial issues.
   For those you with basic questions about Calvinism, a recent show featured a Pastor’s roundtable discussing the basics. For those of you beyond the basics, Chris interviewed Dr. Joel Beeke on a program entitled, “Meet The Puritans.”
   For those of you worried about Armageddon in the Middle East, Chris interviewed Gary DeMar on the theme of his controversial book Last Days Madness. For those of you though simply trying to live each day of your life to the glory of God, Chris presented a show entitled Christians in the workplace striking a balance.
   I didn’t believe it till I heard these interviews, but there are still followers of Sun Myung Moon (the “Moonies”) around. Chris presented two shows discussing the recent activities of the Moonies. Of particular importance are their new methods of infiltrating evangelical Christianity virtually undetected. Part one had a few Moonies call in, Part two can be found here.
   Remember Evangelicals and Catholics together? Hold on, now get set for Evangelicals and Muslims together! A document was recently created and signed by a number of Muslim clerics, scholars and intellectuals entitled “A Common Word Between Us And You.” A subsequent document was created and signed by a number of noteworthy Evangelical Christians titled: “Loving God & Neighbor Together.” Chris devoted two programs to address this “unity” between Muslims and Christians. In the first program, Chris and Steve Camp discussed, “”Peace At Any Price: Ecumenism Gone Mad.” In the second program, Chris interviewed David Wood (contributor to Answering Islam).

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