One of the regular questions I receive from believers is, “Where do I find resources to do the kind of study I need to do to answer in-depth apologetic questions?” With the “data fog” we exist in today (i.e., tons and tons of information, so much so that we struggle to keep up with it all), it can be difficult to get really good, usable sources.
   Many years ago we obtained the Thesaurus Linguae Graece CD-ROM for my doctoral studies. The programs available to access this database have never been overly friendly, but I learned to use them anyway. The resource has proven invaluable over the years. But, one would have to know Greek, and know it well, to use the TLG CD-ROM. Yet, being able to verify citations in the underlying printed text (Jacques Paul Migne’s work) is still very valuable, especially for those checking patristic citations and the accuracy of the renderings offered in apologetically relevant works.
   For those looking for this kind of resource, light is on the horizon! For those using the Libronix Library engine from Logos Bible Software, the first 18 volumes of the Greek portion of Migne are on “pre-publication.” Details can be found here. Evidently, these first 18 volumes will provide some of the most important materials from the ante-Nicene period. I have the Logos software and use it often, especially as a research tool. I also have the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible so that I can access the textual data for the Old and New Testaments. The addition of the Migne set (and especially this first set) will be invaluable for those seeking to verify citations (something those who have followed this blog over the years know is quite important), and for those doing reading in patristic sources, you will now have a full context something not often included in secondary sources.
   Keep an eye out for new developments!

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