“In conclusion, James White’s campaign against Mark Seifrid should be seen for what it is–a publicity stunt which serves to get himself attention.”

Before God I affirm this statement false, a lie without basis or foundation, refuted by the facts, known not only to God, but to any person with the slightest shred of fairness in their mind who has bothered to read the relevant materials. I implore any lover of truth to read www.aomin.org/Seifrid.html and www.aomin.org/sbtsstatement.html for yourself and see the myriad of falsehoods and caricatures contained in Owen’s screed, and I ask that if there is a shred of decency left in those who run this site that in light of its gross and obvious misrepresentations and falsehoods this article be removed unless edited to fit the reality rather than the fantasy it currently reflects.

Finally, I challenge Paul Owen to join me on the Dividing Line next week to defend his statements in this article. I will ask for documentation directly from what I have written to substantiate each and every one of the lies posted here. You have my e-mail address. I have the facts. You know it. 877-753-3341. We can even change the time to fit your schedule. When you slander with lies, don’t expect anonymity.

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