This past Tuesday Chris Arnzen’s Iron Sharpens Iron show had Dr. White as a guest giving an overview of his recent debate with Muslim apologist Shabir Ally. For those of you who want to prepare for dialoging with Muslims, this show provides excellent introductory material and lays out the basic issues. The show can be found here.
   This week, Steven Lawson returned as a guest to continue discussing his book, The Expository Genius Of John Calvin. This show can be found here. Steve Camp discussed “The Immutability Of God.” This show can be found here. Dr. Charles Curtman discussed “Modern Evangelicalism’s Departure From Biblical Christianity,” which delved into such things as “easy believism” and “decisional regeneration.” This show can be found here.
   Finally, why are there so many Protestant ministers swimming the Tiber? Chris wrote a helpful answer, found here.

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