Where is God now?” inquires Dr. Bart Ehrman in his 2008 book, God’s Problem. The subtitle goes on to state, “How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question – Why We Suffer.” The further one delves into the book, however, the more one will discover that this claim is substantially inaccurate. One of my friends has done just that. He’s dissected Ehrman’s book and says a better title more accurately reflecting the book’s content and thought would be: “My Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Why We Suffer to My Personal Satisfaction.

Rhology (from Rhoblogy and a contributor at Beggars All) and Matt (from Vox Veritatis) review and dissect Dr Bart Ehrman’s God’s Problem and, while they’re at it, provide a powerful and biblical theodicy: God’s Problem: Review and Solution.

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