I just received an e-mail that quoted Rook Hawkins of the “Rational Response Squad” as saying the following:

“RationalResponders.com: White was supposed to contact me ages ago about a debate and he chickened out.”

   I would like to make it clear that Mr. Hawkins has never contacted me about a debate, hence, I can not “chicken out” of a debate he has never contacted me about. In fact, I was the one who contacted them to let them know I was going to critique some of his comments on an edition of The Dividing Line. In essence I was told that if I wanted to contact him, I should post on their web board. I have no interest in web boards and their incessant silliness, so I did not. That was the end of that. So what Mr. Hawkins, the self-proclaimed historical expert of the “Rational Response Squad” is talking about, I have no idea. But if his grasp of ancient history is as slippery as his grasp of recent history, well, that says a lot.

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