I was directed to an amazingly arrogant, yet, “What do you expect from Northern European academics these days?” article, found here, that illustrates one of the problems we have in our modern day due to the Internet. In the “olden days,” academics (a term that could, in some contexts, refer to someone with trained insights and disciplined study, but today generally means a liberal who lacks both meaningful insight as well as any and all discipline) would come up with some kind of new theory, publish it, and unless it was truly ground-breaking, solid, and meaningful, it would be shredded by the rest of those in the field. However (and this is key), that process always took time. The history of the academy is one of disproven, shredded, abandoned theories and ideas, with only a very few surviving (ostensibly, the truth). That is as it should be. But “back then” those theories and ideas that had not yet been thoroughly examined did not become the stuff of blogs and websites, YouTube and Twitter. And that is the problem.
   This particular woman’s theory (one which opts for ignoring the context of the Bible and instead importing the context of pagan religious documents of the time) is absurd on its face, at least as it has been reported (one must always leave open the possibility that the press is utterly clueless, though, her own quotations seem to be unambiguous). However, you will see it being repeated as solid, “academically proven” truth by many. Fifty years from now no one may even remember the woman or her theory, as a hundred others will have come along since then, and, in the slowly moving field of academia, various papers will have been published demonstrating the absurdity of the position (the process has already begun). But in the meantime, those looking for reasons to disbelieve will trumpet the “scholarly consensus” that the Bible does not proclaim God as the Creator, when, in fact, no such “scholarly consensus” exists.
   One other thing. Note that our liberal professor has an incredibly high view of herself: “The traditional view of God the Creator is untenable now.” What kind of hubris does one have to possess to come along at the beginning of the 21st century and decide that everyone else before you just didn’t get it, and that your insights are so grand, so sweeping, that you can make such statements? Answer? The 21st century secular liberal, for whom there is no such thing as humility, let alone balance.

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