I’ve been experiencing techno-envy for quite some time while awaiting the release of the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible from Logos. I had mentioned to Hermeneutika years ago that they should seek to add the textual data to BibleWorks, but it seems Logos beat them to the punch. In any case, the textual data alone is worth the investment for those who are interested in that field of study. They are currently back-ordered, but Lord willing by January that new resource will arrive. I might even find the time to get back to the textual critical discussion we started a few weeks ago (see, I didn’t forget: just a lot of irons in the fire at the moment). Wow, think of it…BibleWorks 6.0 (actually 6.0.011p at the moment!) and the SESB from Logos running concurrently. I’m in biblical-geek heaven…!

Now this is fascinating…
Google is looking to digitize millions of books (here’s the article). When I saw this I could not help but think of the Bill Gates type character in “I, Robot” who commented to Will Smith (Detective Spooner) “You probably opposed the Internet just to save libraries.”

BTW: in the “barely worth noting” category…
Yes, I know a certain left-leaning Presbyterian scholar is running about calling me a hyper Calvinist and even putting in writing his inability to either read or listen fairly to a word I say. But since all those who have seen his most recent blasts have immediately recognized their incoherence and their dishonesty, the collected wisdom of godly men with whom I have discussed it has been to let the man continue to condemn himself by his transparently hostile actions and his equally transparent “crusader” mentality. The facts can be discerned by reading Debating Calvinism, p. 378, this paragraph, listening to the last two Dividing Lines, and reading this article.

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