I recently read Doug Groothuis’s review of the new film Collision (the debate/discussions between Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson). Already knowing that Groothuis does not favor presupposition apologetics, I was still surprised to find this comment in this review:

“Those trained in apologetics, will note that Wilson uses the Van Tillian presuppositional method (with some help from C.S. Lewis on objective moral law). This approach, while helpful for critiquing non-Christian worldviews, has deep limitations in apologetics, since it can marshall no genuine constructive arguments based on natural theology, science, and history.”

It reminds me that many who are critical of presuppositional apologetics, either have not read in the field (I’m assuming Groothuis has) or simply do not understand this method. I will admit, the method is certainly foreign to the way most of us think (i.e. the scripture being our principle starting point in all areas of life).

Today, my heart was made glad when Westminster Theological Seminary posted this video of Lane Tipton describing the apologetic method coming from WTS. However, I would take issue with one comment Tipton made and that is, that Westminster (as a school) is unique in this approach. You’ll find this very same approach at Greenville Seminary. On the other hand, I was just telling our librarian a few hours ago, If I were to do any work after the M.Div. it would be in the field of apologetics, and WTS would be my one and only choice.

About a week ago, three videos of Dr. Scott Oliphint (professor at WTS) were posted on YouTube on the topic “Apologetics and the Doctrine of Scripture.” Check them out here.

For a very good (recent) presentation of presuppositional apologetics in action, see Dr. White’s debate with Dan Baker The Triune God of Scripture Lives.

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