A excellent (new) video series on the Reformation, with Peter Lillback as host, is now available online. Click here to watch. To purchase Click here.

A free study guide for the series is located here and a Teacher’s Guide is located here.

Speaking of the reformation, Kevin DeYoung’s new book Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible Is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me is on sale for only $10. You can purchase the book here. A study guide for this book is located here.

D.A. Carson says of this book “This little book is a highly readable introduction to Scripture’s teaching about Scripture that preserves the contours of a responsible and informed doctrine
of Scripture, without getting bogged down in arcane details. Buy this book by the case and distribute copies to elders, deacons, Sunday school teachers, and anyone in the church who wants to understand a little better what the Bible is. Bad doctrine springs in part from ignorance. Blessed are those teachers and preachers in the church who, like the author of this book, combat ignorance by getting across mature theology in a lucid style that avoids generating theological indigestion.”


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