When I get word from the folks at the Jewish Voice Broadcast I will let you know when they plan to air the debate that took place last evening. I teamed up with Dr. Michael Brown in defending the biblical doctrine of the Trinity against Sir Anthony Buzzard, who taught at the Atlanta Bible College for 24 years, and Joseph Good. The debate took place in three stages, all very fast-moving. Michael and I worked together very well. Given the very short time periods (normally two minutes for one side to answer a question, 90 seconds for the other side to respond), we had to be focused in the extreme. If there had been differences between us on the issue that would have been an impossible time-format. But we both have extensive radio and television experience, so working with tight time constraints was not new. We were focused upon the biblical evidence, and often raised key texts that received no response from our unitarian opponents. I will ask Sam Shamoun, who was in the studio audience, for his review of the debate when he joins me tomorrow afternoon on The Dividing Line, live. So make sure to join us then!

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