Just a quick note before I hit the sack. Thank you to everyone who prayed. The Lord blessed greatly. I honestly can’t see how the debate could have gone any better…well, aside from my accidentally turning my tablet pc off for a moment during my rebuttal period anyway. But the response from the students, staff, just about everyone, has been tremendously positive. I was going to try to pull a picture of Shabir Ally and myself off of my camera and post it…but I’m just too tired. Suffice it to say that once again, the Lord has been most faithful. Oh, and we had at least 2,500 in attendance! It was great! Largest live audience I think we’ve ever had, and we did a three-camera shoot, so the DVD’s should be great! An all-around great evening, so once again, praise to our Lord and many thanks to all of you who prayed for the event. More tomorrow when I get back home.

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