Ever feel like time is speeding up on you, and you’ll never be ready for what’s coming? This Fall makes me feel that way! Please pray about my trip to Minneapolis in October, not only for the conference, but for my meeting with Bethany House Publishers. I desperately need to take a break from debating in the not too distant future to put the proverbial pen to paper (in this case, fingertips to keyboard, of course) and get some writing projects done. There is a massive need for a text-by-text, easily accessible “here is what Ehrman says, but here is the other side of the story” type work. And my heart for a “Letters to a Mormon Elder” type book, except written to the serious minded, believing Muslim, is stronger than ever. Wouldn’t a book you could read for yourself, that would train you in the whys and wherefores of Muslim evangelism, but that you could then hand directly to your Muslim friend, knowing it was written to communicate with them, be useful? But such projects don’t just appear out of thin air, I assure you. But till then, the Ministry Resource List remains a very helpful way you can stand with me in this “Fall full of debates.” The only thing more encouraging than getting resources from that list is when local churches stand with us in regularly supporting the work. As opposition to the Gospel, and especially those who proclaim it with clarity, and pointedness, increases, we will need to know God’s people stand with us more and more.

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