It was one of the most humorous occurrences in my debates. The context was anything but humorous. I was debating noted liberal Barry Lynn on the subject, “Is Homosexuality Compatible with Biblical Christianity” on Long Island. This is the debate Lynn tried to suppress, threatening legal action if we distributed the tapes. During the cross-examination, as is so often the case, the wheels fell off my opponent’s wagon. I was pressing him on his utterly untenable reading of Romans 1 and finally, he had to give in. See, Rev. Lynn (ordained minister in the United Church of Christ) had come to a debate on whether homosexuality is compatible with biblical Christianity without his biblical. Err, his Bible. So…he had to borrow mine. Unfortunately for him, I had the little shirt-pocket sized NASB, “the eye strain edition.” The result is memorable.

The DVD of this debate is available here (#521). We had some major sound problems toward the beginning of the debate, but it is still usable, and clears up before the cross-examination.

And by the way, it seems all liberals find the Bible an expendable asset at a debate on…the Bible. Here’s an image of John Shelby Spong at the debate on the very same topic in November in Orlando. The only book on the table is my book on homosexuality that I gave him during the break. Absent is…the Bible. I suppose it could just mean that liberals have the Bible memorized. But, maybe not.

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