I intended to have a blog article up on the bankruptcy of Islamic apologetics with reference to John 20:28. However, as I have been chasing down references and URLs I have found some simply fascinating stuff, and with a major article for the CRI Journal due Monday, I may have to provide only the start of the series this weekend and put the rest off until I get the article finished. In any case, the study has once again brought me face to face with the wholesale, uncritical utilization of anything Bart Ehrman says by every enemy of the Christian faith, in this case, the Muslim citation of an almost laughable portion of Ehrman’s main work regarding John 20:28. More as time allows. Stay tuned!
In looking into this subject, however, one of those wonderful folks in #prosapologian happened to notice on Ehrman’s page at UNC that his anti-Christian crusade rolls on: coming in just a matter of weeks (March) from Oxford: The Transformation of Jesus: How a Jewish Prophet Became God. And the beat goes on. I’m sure we will get the best of his Jesus Seminar style presentation yet once again, and you will see it being mimicked by Islamic apologists all over the Internet. Sadly, it seems the “code of conduct” of “scholarship” keeps many sound Christian scholars from identifying Ehrman for what he is and openly exposing his giant leaps for the prostitution of sound scholarship they are. I guess that’s why God has kept A&O nice and small and lean and mean: I have nothing to lose from those circles in speaking the truth. Of course, very few true believers in the “Academy” wander outside often enough to run into the real world of apologetics, so, they might be excused for not seeing the damage someone like Ehrman can do with the willing assistance of an unbelieving publishing industry, NPR, etc. I had better close this down now before I start preaching…

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