Throw away your index cards of Bible verses and start implementing orality in the memorization—and especially retention!—of God’s Word. Listening to God’s Word is the best way to memorize and retain Scripture. Everyone has smart phones today so this should be easy.

1. Download the Griffen iTalk Recorder app (or something comparable).

2. Before you throw away your index cards or Word Document filled with verses, record them into your phone—yes, with your own voice. I say the biblical reference first, then read the passage. And do it again, so you should have it recorded two times, back-to-back.

3. You can always go back another day and add verses to the audio file. This is a very convenient feature of iTalk; you do not have to create a single audio file for every passage! If the audio file reaches about an hour, then go ahead and create another file and transfer the previous one to your iTunes/ipod. I name my files “Mem 1”, “Mem 2”, and so on. Be sure to back up the audio files in different mediums, lest you lose your phone or computer.

4. In your devotional or down time of the day (brushing your teeth, driving, etc.) just play the audio files and before you know it, it will be effortless to immediately recall a biblical passage on any given occasion.

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