I’ve gotten a few e-mails about memorization products. One, the Memorize! program from Laridian, I already had, but had forgotten to re-install after I upgraded from my Palm T3 to my T5. It works quite nicely and, if you have Laridian’s Bible software installed, getting the verses set up is pretty easy (I personally use Olive Tree and PalmBible+, so I don’t have the Laridian Bible software installed). It has a review function that has you type the first letter of each word in the verse to see if you really know it (each word then appearing when you are right). I have re-installed it now (thanks for the reminder!).
Then a fine fellow from Scotland directed me to SuperMemo 1.1.1 from MapleTop Software. I would like to comment on how it works, but they are being rather slow in getting me my registration information, so I’ll have to fill you in at a later point. It certainly looks impressive, but till you get a chance to actually work with it, you can never really tell.

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