A few weeks ago, Dr. White gave a positive shout-out to Rosaria Butterfield’s book THE SECRET THOUGHTS OF AN UNLIKELY CONVERT. The sub-heading is “An English Professor’s Journey into Christian Faith.” In this book, Rosaria recounts her conversion to Christ from what appeared to be a “good life” with a steady, tenured teaching position at a respected university where she counseled students. She and her partner opened their home to young people who shared her convictions and drew inspiration from her. But as good as her life seemed to be on the outside, her homosexual lifestyle and active, vocal support of the “gay” movement put her in direct conflict with Christ. The gospel stood opposed to everything she considered of value; coming to Christ would cost her dearly. But through the patient ministry of a pastor and his church, Rosaria did indeed bow the knee to the Lord, and she is now married with children to a Reformed Presbyterian minister.

If you have a heart for ministry to homosexuals, or you have homosexual neighbors or co-workers, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. As James said, it is very well written (as one might expect from a former English professor!), but it’s also written from the perspective of one who understands the homosexual mindset first-hand. This, alongside Michael Brown’s work, and the book by Dr White and Jeff Neil, will equip you to reach out to homosexuals with gospel truth, but also with gentleness and respect. The book is available for Kindle from Amazon (paper versions are available there also via third-party sellers).

I also wanted to mention that Rosaria will be speaking at my local church, Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Winterville, NC (just outside Greenville, NORTH Carolina–the other Greenville) this coming Thursday, March 19th, at 7pm. If you happen to be in the area, please drop by. She visited us last Fall and both her presentation and the Q&A afterwards were extremely helpful and edifying. Click HERE for details on how to get to our church. Childcare will be provided for infants through 5th grade.


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