So Yahya Snow just posted this video. It proves that there are Christian scholars in the world who distinguish between the “historical Jesus” and the “Christ of faith.” This is not exactly news to anyone seriously involved in Christian theology, of course, but it seems to be news to Mr. Snow, whose sole role in life it seems is to seek to create division and strife out of ignorance. Anyway, I first note that this video falls into the “did he really mean to let White communicate all those texts to the audience while only letting the other guy say a few lines so it is really imbalanced” category that MuslimByChoice first created. They evidently think that by providing a single counter statement everything else is refuted, when the thinking observer would be wondering, “So what does that other guy do with all those passages White explained?” And that leads to the second point: I do not apologize for a moment for believing the testimony of the Bible, and I reject, outright, the distinction between the “Jesus of history” and the “Christ of faith.” This is a classic liberal distinction that is based upon a faulty and low view of Scripture and revelation. But what I would like to point out here is this: it is obviously and painfully the case that THE AUTHOR OF THE QUR’AN DID NOT HOLD TO THE DISTINCTION HURTADO DOES. Hence, for a Muslim to use Hurtado’s modern critical division between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith is to engage in patent religious hypocrisy—which is a very, very common thing in the dawa filling YouTube’s archives. Clearly, the hodgepodge of sources the author of the Qur’an drew from for its portrayal of ‘Isa bin Mariam would fall not only in the “Christ of faith” category, they would go BEYOND that into the extra-canonical exaggerations of the gnostics. For example, the Qur’an makes reference to the story of Jesus forming birds from clay as a child and causing them to come to life in Surah 3:49, yet this story first appears in the historical record in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas which would, to someone like Hurtado, be BEYOND the realm of meaningful data that would be used to give us insight into the “historical Jesus” and would not even be seriously relevant to the materials relevant to the “Christ of faith” either! So it is clear the author of the Qur’an had no such distinction in his mind, so using this kind of modern, critical statement only shows the inconsistency of the Muslim who would refuse to have the same standard applied to their own text.
By the way, as is normal with Yahya Snow and MuslimByChoice, the title is misleading and shows a fundamental confusion on their part. Larry Hurtado probably does not know who I am, and he was surely not referring to me in his answer. So he was not “refuting” me. Instead, an accurate description would be, “Larry Hurtado holds to a different foundational view of Scripture than James White.” Of course, that wouldn’t rile up their fans, so I don’t expect that kind of accuracy any time soon.
One other note: certain Muslim apologists try to marginalize all of us who actually believe the Bible by exalting those scholars who have a modernist or less consistent view of Scripture. The irony is that they do this while rejecting anyone in the Muslim world who would dare to suggest any kind of modification of their own view of the Qur’an as the deliverance of Jabreel to Muhammad. Again, the contradiction is patent and telling.


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