My sincerest thanks to Ivey Conerly, Marcus Pittman, and everyone else who assisted in putting together this spoken word presentation of the gospel for Muslims. Please pray the Lord will spread this video all through the Muslim world and that God, by His Spirit, will draw many to the glorious Lord, Jesus the Messiah. Many thanks to all those who contributed to make this video possible.

Update: many asked how they could get a shirt like Ivey’s, so, Carla Rolfe to the rescue! Great way to start a conversation…as long as you know the two texts anyway! Every Christian should have Galatians 2:20 memorized, and it really does not take too long to memorize Surah 4:157. So click away on the graphic and it will take you over to Carla’s AOMin webstore…and while you are there, look around at the other items she has done for us over the years! We really appreciate her partnership and support.

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